Free Legal Advice and Representation

Bradical Employment Rights is a registered charity providing advice and representation on employment law matters to people of limited means. We are staffed almost exclusively by law students and volunteers with an interest in employment law. We provide assistance to people at all stages of the employment relationship. We can assist with grievances and disciplinary hearings, we can advise on next steps and available options after the employment relationship has ended, we can draft and issue an Employment Tribunal claim on your behalf and we can provide representation during an Employment Tribunal hearing.

Problems in Work – what can I do?

Advice on what you can do if you're experiencing problems in the workplace

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My job has just ended – what can I do?

Advice on what you can do if your employment has ended and you think you may have a claim

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I have a tribunal case – what can I do?

Advice on what to do if you have already submitted a claim to the Employment Tribunal

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